Marina Luperon
Marina Tropical is actively seeking investors for the Marina Luperón project. Initial planning for the project has been completed, the necessary permits have been obtained and construction is underway.

Marina Luperon
The Bay of Luperón has always been a place of refuge for sailboats and yachts when they were threatened by bad weather. Between 100 and 200 boats are anchored there at any time. During hurricane season fishing boats and mid-size commercial vessels take shelter in this protected Bay.

The Bay of Luperón is a nature reserve and, therefore, marina projects have not been granted permits during the last 15 years.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank General Rosario Durán and General Diaz Gómez from the Navy for their cooperation and assistance. This success is also due to the excellent work of Dr. Liliane Betoncurt and Dr. Alejandro Herrera from "Environmental Impact" and last but not least to the expert opinion given by the President of the Association of Marinas in the USA, who was appointed as Consultant by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Marina Tropical, S.A. has the building permits and/or authorizations for the project from the following institutions and government agencies:

Considerations for the Project

According to N... W. R...' expert opinion, approx. 25,000 boats cruise along the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, which is the main route between Florida and Venezuela. In the past, these boats have not been able to refuel, replenish their water supply or obtain any kind of service, such as repairing and hauling their boats out of the water, anywhere along the whole North Coast. In marine literature, the Bay of Luperon is considered the safest hurricane hole in the Caribbean. Insurance companies give discounts on hull insurance if Luperón is shown to be the home port.

The Project

Marina Luperon Project
Approx. 100,000 square meters with a coastline of almost 600 linear meters in the south-eastern part of the Bay, with a natural water depth of 3-5 meters offer optimal conditions for the implementation of this unique project.
The plans call for:

The Infrastructure

Marina Luperon
Approx. 2 km of developed roads with pedestrian paths, 150 parking places in the center and another at the outskirts of the project, connected by golf carts or shuttle buses.
Six-chamber cistern holding 1,200 cubic meters of water. The local water tank with 8" water pipes is located approx. 100 meters from the project. The high tension line of the public electricity service is installed underground.
The power lines in the project itself will be installed underground, and there will be high voltage lines as well as the corresponding transformers and emergency generators.
A totally biological water treatment facility will be built. Capacity: 2,000 persons, with a complete drainage system.  
Marina Luperon

The Company "Marina Tropical SA" as a Partner

Registered: October 27, 2001, in Santiago, Dominican Republic
President:Günter Bruno Dresler, Canadian
Vice President: TBA
Besides the unencumbered land, on which the marina will be built, they own approx. one million square meters of land adjacent to the marina land up to the entrance to the town of Luperón. This beautifully cubed land is ideal for an 18-hole golf course and, furthermore; offers an access road to the Marina without having to drive through town.

The Marketing of the Project

Prospective customers will be Dominicans, especially from Santiago and the surrounding Cibao area, as well as North Americans, Canadians and even Europeans.
The financial estimates have been left out of the above document. Please contact us for details on all financial matters surrounding the project.